Our Priority: To Serve You Well!

Come and see the difference for yourself, that of personalized and quality service, from a company that is recognized as a transport specialist.
Fidèle Tremblay Inc., is a family business founded in 1971 in Sainte-Luce, a town located 15 kilometres from Rimouski, in eastern Quebec. Since then the company has known constant growth.
The founder of the company, Mr. Fidèle Tremblay, is the President and General Manager. His wife and devoted collaborator, Marthe Finn, is in charge of office management and is also secretary-treasurer of the company.
Their children are all involved and occupy key positions within the company. Steeve is the foreman responsible for all of the equipment; Karl is both dispatcher and responsible for customer relations while Kathleen acts as the financial controller.
In all, Fidèle Tremblay Inc. hires  more than 70 persons and serves numerous clients in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the United States.